Chicken with Horseradish Sauce; jet trails — 8 Comments

  1. We live fairly close to a jet fighter training airport and get them zooming over frequently. They come over the house at low level right at lunch time and we reckon they are racing each other home for lunch.

    • They do like to fly around lunchtime, don’t they? In the Vendee there was a very predominate church steeple near us that they liked to circle.

  2. You don’t grow your own horseradish? I’m a bit surprised at that!

    There is a movement here in the US of people who think that the trails left behind by any jet is not the vapor from the hot exhaust condensating with the cold air, but actually what they call ‘chem trails’ and claim that the government is trying to poison us all with them. It’s all foolishness but a bit unbelievable how many people actually think that’s what they are. I kind of lump them all with the flat-earthers. I have also had odd conversations with the flat-earthers and tried to explain to them that, if the earth truly was flat, cats would have knocked everything off it by now, but you can’t talk to them…


    • I tried growing it once and failed. I’ve not seen is as a plant to buy for the garden here.
      I’ve heard of the ‘chem trails’…. and the flat-earthers (aren’t they about the same?) And they can’t understand the ‘cat proof’? I thought that explained their error quite well !
      It does make one wonder about the education, doesn’t it?

  3. We have them flying over almost on a daily basis , usually around the middle of the day or early afternoon. They frequently appear to be flying along the line of the river.