Lamb Shanks in Red Wine, Slow Cooker — 7 Comments

  1. Actually, sous vide is all the rage now here and that packaging is perfect for it. I do not sous vide. I don’t have room for the gadgets and cookware I have now and can’t justify owning an $80 to $125 item that would get used twice a year.

    These look delicious! A bright spot in a gray, dismal day here as well. We had quite the ice storm last night and there were cars all over the place this morning, in places they shouldn’t be. It warmed to 40 today but will now drop below freezing for the next week or so, or more, so the ice rinks left behind will still be there until the salt trucks can get to them which will be a few days at the least.

    • I remember the ice storms from when I lived in Wisconsin – not being able to walk outside and cars going nowhere…. Don’t miss those either lol And the salt is so good for cars !

  2. Mmmmmm lamb shanks. One of my favourites. Always order it in restaurants if it is offered. I can buy them from time to time here and do if I see them. My favourite ways of cooking them are either in red wine like you or Indian jalfrezi.