Lamb Steaks in Red Wine; new sacs — 4 Comments

  1. I bought some net reusable bags in the supermarket in Switzerland when we were on holiday there last year. I love them too, and my local organic market garden guys are super impressed. One of the most useful features is that I can put a lettuce in one at the market, bring it home and wash it still in the bag and hang it over the sink to drain. Brill!

    • They don’t look like it in the photo, but they are mesh. Great idea with the lettuce. And I am told that food stored in the fridge, in the bags, keeps better. Such a little thing but I am really happy with them lol

  2. I really wish hubs liked lamb. The only time I have any is when we go out and I’m very picky where I order it even then.

    I do love those produce bags. I’ve considered them before. The stores around me however rarely have produce except for apples and grapes, that are individually stacked. Carrots are bagged, the romain is bagged, potatoes are pretty much bagged…and now that the stores have removed the self checkouts to cut down on loss from people ‘forgetting’ to ring their stuff up, the cashiers don’t like them because they can’t see through them. They don’t want to be inconvenienced having to open them and find the labels. The stores have also installed weigh stations in the produce section that prints labels made to stick on those plastic bags and the cashiers aren’t happy when you forget to do that. *sigh*

    • The ones I bought are mesh, so you can see what’s inside. None of the cashiers even looked twice at them. The only things prepackaged here are Brussels sprouts (no idea why) and red beets, which are cooked and vacuum-packed…. and really handy lol