Pork with Apples, Sage and Onions; Christmas hoopoo — 8 Comments

  1. I didn’t take out any of my ‘memory’ ornaments this year. I didn’t do a lot of decorating. I have a small box of glass ornaments that were my grandmother’s. She passed away in 1965 and my mother inherited them. My gran got them when she first got married so they’re at least 100 years old now. I have one of those metal display hangers for tchotchkes that I hang them on and then put it on the mantel so it doesn’t get knocked over. It takes me a couple days when I put all of those away as well. I buried my mother Christmas Eve morning many years ago so you’re right, it’s very bittersweet.

    And YES! Someone else who doesn’t particularly like fruit with their meat! Lemon, yes. Apples…not so much any fruit with pork. But we went to dinner with my uncle when I was very young. He’d ordered the menu because there were several of us and the waiters brought out this huge slab of ham for each of us and it was just smothered in an overly sweet cherry sauce. It was…absolutely horrible. I’ve not been able to eat fruit on meat since then.

    • I have 3 of my mother’s mother’s first ornaments. I have yet to find a safe place for them. They are so delicate. But I look at them every year….
      Sweet cherry sauce? On ham? I would have been scarred for life

  2. I’m with you on fruit with meat, and peaches with pork sounds particularly egregious. Chutney with lamb would be good though.

    I’ve got hoopoe envy. Fancy having one parading up and down on one’s windowsill. Fantastic!!

    • Most years we have a pair visit us in the spring. I did see the occasional in the Vendee, but more often here. We have the processionary caterpillars here and the hoopoe is their only natural predator.