Shrimp with Paprika Sauce & Pasta; new beds — 6 Comments

  1. I love how suspicious some dogs are of new accessories 🙂 My old Ridgeback spent the last few years of his life on anti-inflammatories, which helped a bit, but not much.

  2. Does Guapa have a favorite blankie? Toy? Person? You? Put that on the bed or you lay on the bed. Sometimes, a familiar scent will help. I bought a new bed for Murphy a few months ago. It’s an orthopedic pet bed with short sides. I have a blanket that I used in his old, fairly flat, harder bed that I put in the new one. He plopped right in. While he’s not quite showing his age yet other than his face is getting grayer than it was, I do see him spending less time on the hard floor and more time seeking out those softer spots to snooze.

    • I put their old blankets on each new bed. Bonnie has decided that both beds are hers. But I see Guapa sneaking on when I’m not watching…. Progress!