Starting to Garden – 4 things not to forget — 2 Comments

  1. What excellent tips. The only thing I’d add is

    5. If your favourite vegetable fails two years in a row, switch to growing something else in that spot. It doesn’t make sense to use up the room simply to created tears and frustration. (For instance, I am NOT going to plant zucchini any more. They just don’t want to fruit in our garden.)

    (I am going to try okra again though, even though the okra I planted last year, that thrived all summer long, never got beyond the sprouted stage. But, if it fails again, it will be on to something else.)

    • I don’t think zucchini can be grown in containers, either. I have learned that there is always at least one thing that does not grow well every year – but always something different so I can blame the weather. This year it was shallots and green beans. Last year it was winter squash and the year before zucchini. I just hope it is never the tomatoes….. I would give up if that happened Good luck with the okra