Turkey Skillet Hash — 8 Comments

  1. I took all of my decorations down in one day because I didn’t put many up this year. I didn’t want to take any of them down though. It’s always a little bit depressing when they’re all down. I think I’ll put some small white lights around the big window in the family room so they’re lit most of the time.

    I bought a new dog bed for our Dobe a few months ago. I bought a BarksBar XL dog bed. He just fits, but he’s pretty big at 98 pounds. I think he likes it. He sighs when he finally settles in for the night 🙂

    • My last 2 dogs faithfully slept on their beds all night. These 2 never have. They wander. I’m hoping the new beds will be so comfy they stay put. The vet weighed Guapa – 56 kilo (124lb)

  2. Good luck with the dog bed hunt.

    I’ve given up buying celery here. The quality is dreadful and it’s almost always blanched, which I didn’t grow up with and therefore am prejudiced against because it doesn’t taste of anything. Might as well use chard ribs.

    • The white celery is very popular in Spain and Andorra. I rarely saw green. I got used to it but do buy the green whenever I can find any that is close to being decent. Rarely.