Vegetable & Smoked Sausage Risotto; odd bits — 6 Comments

    • There are so many good sausages in the meat counter…. It can be hard to choose. I think the irritating language is only going to get worse. And now I’m learning about it in French as well MDR

  1. The risotto looks delish! And we don’t eat enough spinach this time of year either though hopefully, that’s going to change. I’m going to eliminate the carbs again. At least as much as possible.

    I not only don’t like ill usage of words, I can’t stand seeing comments on posts that are written in what used to be netspeak but which is now text speak. You know the kind I mean; ? r u? U b fine? UGH! Hate it.

    • I don’t have anyone to text to / with. The hubs refuses, and everyone else I know tends to use WhatsAp – in complete sentences.
      I eliminate potatoes when needed, but not the rest. That takes care of 4 or 5 nights each week but is not too punitive 😉

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