Braised Veal, Carrots, Olives and Capers; stress-less speaking — 3 Comments

  1. I think you should have said ‘day SON-DULL’, with the ‘son’ as in ‘sonic’ and the ‘n’ a barely pronounced nasal. The other trick which really helps with French is that it is a vowel forward language ie syllables mostly end in vowels, which is another reason the cadence is different to English, which is a consonant forward language with most syllables ending in a consonant. Try it with a word like Chenonceau. In French the syllables are Shuh-no(n)-so. An English speaker will say it Shen-on-so.

    Quite right regarding veal. If you drink milk or eat cheese or yoghurt, you have an obligation to eat veal.

    • Well…. that depends on how one pronounces vowels lol
      I find that knowing why a language is pronounced in a certain way is helpful to me (as an adult). Usually teachers don’t know or don’t address it, just saying to listen and learn.
      Love the bit about milk and cheese – never thought of it that way before… Absolutely right!

  2. I don’t eat veal on principal here. Nor do I eat foie gras. But that’s just me and I admit to being a bit of a dichotomy when it comes to the meat I do eat.

    I took four years of Spanish in school. I could never learn how to write it out though and that, coupled with my lack of anyone to converse with means I’ve forgotten most of it. When I was a small child, I spent hours with my mother’s parents who conversed in Scots Gaelic. I was fairly good at that but again, they moved to a warm climate and I lost my conversation partners though I’m trying slowly to relearn it.

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