Bread Baking Babes Bake Buns! Chelsea Buns, that is — 6 Comments

    • I love sweet, filled rolls. It was always a treat to come home from school to discover my mother had been baking (which she did often) And now I think savory filled rolled… YUM

  1. Ha!! Of course the Bs surprised you, Tanna. They’re not exactly a heart, are they?

    What surprised me was to learn that we were supposed to glaze the buns. Ooops!! Next time….

    Maybe I would have known if Canadian Netflix would show us the Great British Baking Show. (I have no idea why we can’t get it. There must be a licencing conflict with one of the cable monopolies.)

    • We get it on regular satellite TV but it’s in the middle of the day so I’ve never watched it. The Netflix licensing bits drive my bonkers. Yes, next time 😉

  2. I completely neglected to applaud your adept alliteration. With eleven Bs! You need to know that it didn’t go undetected.

    Breathtaking! Beautiful! Bravissima!