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Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms, Slow Cooker; growing chickens — 8 Comments

  1. I’m making this today! And yes, I agree that the chickens are just getting bigger overall. However, organic chickens are not which bolsters my opinion that hormones are used to make them grow bigger, faster. But in that same vein, I think it’s also the reason our kids are hitting puberty so much sooner. However, that’s just my opinion and it’s like a nose…everyone has one 😉

    I’m glad some of the bunnies survived and came back. Maybe the farmer planted to the road to account for their poaching. We have a couple farmers here who overplant for just that reason.

  2. The bunnies that survived seemed to be more cautious so that is good. I’m not seeing them in the fields or own the road. Maybe the’ll stay in their area lol
    I hate all the crap they put in our food supply – at least my own veggies are good 😉