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Cool Tricks That Instapot Reviews Forget to Mention — 4 Comments

  1. I think you’d love one! I’ve been using a pressure cooker for many years – stovetop, then an electric one about 20 years ago, and I can hardly believe how much they’ve improved. I started with a 6 qt Instant Pot, found myself using it almost daily, and just got a smaller one – I’m the dishwasher, and while the 6 qt works fine for small portions, the Mini is easier to wash. 🙂 Indulge yourselves!

    • Okay, now you have me seriously considering it…. But in the fall I think. I’m just about to wrap up winter cooking here and switch to the grill / outdoor cooking. I held off buying a slow cooker for a few years – now I have 2 and use them both often. This will be next, More toys!

      • If you have Prime Day there, watch the price – I think mine was about $30 less. There’s a Kindle book called “How To Instant Pot” by Daniel Shumski that is very good at explaining how pressure cookers work as well as the other functions of the IP. Even though I’m familiar with pressure cooking, I refer back to it fairly often. And I now make my own Greek Yogurt! 🙂

        • Sales here are strictly regulated – and we have Brexit to throw a spanner in the works as well lol
          But thanks for the info on the Kindle book. I have a regular, stove-top pressure cooker but have to admit I don’t use it often. It always seemed to need too much attention. Fresh yogurt would be nice…. Okay, it’s on my list 🙂