Sausage and Broccoli Phyllo Pie; Euro Food Blog Awards — 8 Comments

  1. Can’t be bothered to follow all the rules … spoken like a true Babe.
    Blogging really has changed; it was more friendly back in 2006.
    Can’t say I ever dreamed of rich or famous; truthfully I don’t believe it all it’s cracked up to be. Cover expenses would have been nice but as long as I can enjoy, that’ll have to be enough.
    Great pie.
    No I wouldn’t want you to be voteless.

    • Thanks. It was more fun back then – but Oh. My, some of my photos were awful lol. Now they’re just simple. I can’t be bothered to fuss. Some things never change

  2. I think Latoyha is a ringer…

    The only thing I’ve used Phylo for is placinta. And I don’t usually have spinach pie anymore because no one wants to use a Feta that doesn’t bite you because it’s so bitter. I might have to try this one though. Looks delicious.

    I don’t really follow any food blogs but yours. I get emails from SkinnyTaste because she makes WW things that are actually flavorful and gives me ideas. We’re trying to avoid the carbs for now. I got sick of all the ‘how to make it’ pictures. I’ve been cooking longer than these women have been alive. Just give me the darned recipe!!

    • I’m with you – just give me the recipe. When I do look for something specific I have to exercise great control to not leave a snarky comment about not being able to find or print the recipe lol