Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad; blackmail — 6 Comments

  1. Wow! You’re getting off cheap! All of the blackmail emails I get are for thousands in bitcoin/euro/other odd currencies. I haven’t had my webcan on in forever. :/ I just delete them all.

    I love sprouts and this is a great recipe. Very close to what I do. I hold the sprouts by the root though and thin slice them sometimes. Gives a bit of variety.

    • I like to do small sprouts whole or cut in half but by this time of year they are all huge so I tend to slice, too. Or pull leaves until I get bored. I think it takes a bit longer for the spammy stuff to get over here. There were actually in French – but poorly translated lol

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  3. Both of us are being blackmailed too. I don’t know how much they wanted my husband to pay, and I’ve lost track of how much I am expected to fork over. I must say that I almost think they deserve payment from us, especially for the video tapes they managed to get from my husband’s computer that has NO webcam or microphone on it.

    Brussels sprouts. I do love Brussels sprouts. This is a nice variation!