4 Reasons to Build a Greenhouse — 10 Comments

  1. I used a very heavy duty type of chicken wire around my raised garden because the fox, rabbits and raccoons like tender veggies. We also had to make it six feet high to keep out the deer. It’s in the middle of our sunny yard and so, with the exception of watering, I let nature take its course.

    • The hubs put up a new chain link fence last year. It’s beautiful, but the holes are big enough to let the smaller bunnies in. So I wrapped chicken wire all around the outside of it. But I also had a bird problem last year. I may have to cover the whole thing with mesh to get the plants started. Or let them

  2. You can find greenhouses that are smaller. It’s amazing how many seedlings you can start in a fairly small space. I’m fortunate that our house includes a south facing sunspace inside. I used it most years to start seeds and to hold the seedlings until I can harden them off and then plant out once the soil is warm enough. Do you have a place you could put a small greenhouse?

    • In my last house one wall of the long entry was windows and had lower cabinets. It was perfect. This house has tall, skinny windows all on the wrong sides lol I’m thinking of a small plastic cover, but we are exposed on a small hilltop and can get quite nasty winds…. still thinking

  3. Our compromise is a large shed to take all the garden equipment plus the old sink unit from the kitchen. It is going down the window end where I will have space and light for my plants. A cold frame or two will most probably go alongside the shed. Shed almost complete so will see how it works this growing season.
    I’ve been able to pick enough chard from 6 plants for the odd hake bake, quiche and curry throughout the winter.

    • Rabbits ate my chard last year so none for me at all. I’ll try again this year now that I’ve wrapped the chain link fence with chicken wire. I have a very warm, sunny spot where my herb garden used to be – before the rabbits destroyed it. I might be able to put something there… hmmmm

  4. We have just moved to the 47 (which I’m guessing is somewhere near you) from the 11, so I will be looking out for pointers for when to sow etc from your blog. There is already a small herb garden here which doesn’t seem to be attacked by rabbits but then at the moment there is only rosemary and thyme and the first few spikes of chives.

    • We’re kind of in the middle of 47 – between Bergerac and Marmande. The rabbits just ate my garlic chives. I really don’t understand it with all the lush grass available for them. I had nothing fenced in the Vendee, and we had rabbits, but they never bothered anything. Here they are voracious!