Leek and Red Pepper Lasagne; prose or story? — 8 Comments

  1. I like a fast paced book but I think life is too short to read a bad book and if I am not enjoying something I don’t hesitate in stopping mid book and finding something better

    • I have a personal 40 page rule (the book club has a 60 page rule) If I’m not into by then I quit. It doesn’t happen often, but yes, why waste time on something boring. Or use it for a sleeping pill lol

  2. I want a good story. I don’t care if it’s fast paced or not, but if it’s slow moving, it better be one of the best books I’ve ever read to keep my nose in it, or I’m done. I can forgive quite a bit if the story is excellent as well but again, if the story sucks, it’s gone. Also, I bought a book recently where, in the first four pages which were all past tense, the author used the word ‘had’ 200+ times. That’s almost a quarter of her word count for those four pages. There were other issues though I could have overlooked those, but by the time I got to the end of the fourth page, my eyes were crossed and I still had no sense of the story other than what the back blurb had given me which must have been written by someone else. So I bet I didn’t answer your question, but there you go.

    • I also need to like at least one character – or the story has to be riveting. Your book reminds of of 2 things – first, I had a speech teacher who said ‘okay’ every other word. No one in class listened to her – we were all to busy counting the number of times she said it.
      The other is something I heard from a fellow nerd ages ago – wiki has it:
      James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher

      Here is it with punctuation and italics for easier reading:

      James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had”; “had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

  3. That lasagne dish looks fantastic! Clearly, we neeeeeeed to get some leeks next time we go to the vegetable store. (No winter leek garden here! It would be too tricky to hack through the still frozen solid ground to harvest them….)

    I’m sorry to be weighing in on your book club question too late. For me, that’s a no-brainer. I much prefer beautifully written with a thin story line over anything with mediocre writing – even if the story is stellar. (I’m also willing to read something with a good story and uneven writing – as long as there is more beautiful writing than mediocre. In fact, I just finished a book in that category.)

    You have a 40 page rule? You are much more generous than I. I have a 3 page rule. But I often break the rule and am willing to abort after the opening sentence.

    Hahahahaha! I love the had had sentence. Thank goodness you added the punctuation!

    • Three pages isn’t enough for me to accustom my brain to the writing style. Usually, after 40 I continue reading. Although if it’s truly awful and / or has grammar errors 3 pages is enough. I’d be interested in your impression of Milkman….. a master of the run-on sentence