Stir-Fried Chicken and Pumpkin; spring whites — 8 Comments

  1. I will now have this recipe on my mind until Mardi Gras is over!! It is this time of the year that my husband seems to want all that Crawfish and Gumbo and Jambalaya and red beans & rice and plate fulls of those hot mudbugs with corn and potatoes!! Since we really don’t do much frozen Crawfish, this next week will belong to him, bless his sweet heart! Thank you for all the delicious recipes I have on my “to make” list! We’ll be heading to France late June this year because we are doing an Alaskan cruise with our daughter, her husband and his parents. We are looking forward to it!

    • I’ve always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise – should be wonderful! As to the Mardi Gras influenced menus…. I’ve never had any of them! Apparently I’ve lived a sheltered life lol. It all sounds good, tho. June will be lovely when you arrive on this side of the pond – just in time for cherries (in the north) I think.

  2. This looks yummy but of course, it would have to be sans pumpkin…

    Thank you for the pictures! I’m looking out the front window at half a foot of snow still. We’re getting snow later today and then periodically throughout the week. I get to the point around this time each year where the longing to sit on the back deck is overwhelming. Instead, I stand in front of the big doorwall and just stare out into the back yard, waiting…waiting…*sigh*

    I found a dead crow last year, nestled in one of my flowerbeds. It looked like he’d just laid down and died. I felt bad for him because he was, I think, part of the three I’d been seeing all the time out here starting a few months after we moved here. They have always seemed a lot bigger than the crows we would see at our previous house and I was surprised to see this one up close. He had to be a good 18 inches. The other two stayed around through the summer and then disappeared for a month or so. Now, they’re back and they’ve picked up two more so we officially have a murder of crows.

    We also have two pairs of nesting eagles on one of the lakes about two miles from me. I watched a juvenile flying over the house this week. HOLY CROW! Talk about huge! I have a yard full of voles and I occasionally see in the snow where a large bird stalked one of them, but I don’t see the remains or really any indication that they took it other than the footprints stop. I know it’s the circle and all that, but I’m one of those who finds it hard to see so I’m glad they don’t pick their food apart in my yard.

    Sorry about the chatty, it’s been a long week…

    • If the bird is big enough, and the prey small enough, I think they take them some place safer to clean. I had a hawk catch a vole 2 feet from my kitchen window once – scared the crap out of me lol.
      That is / was a huge crow.
      I do not envy, nor want anything to do with your snow. I always hated March in the Midwest – promise followed by the basketball tournament blizzards.

    • I came back to tell you, it’s 17 out right now at almost 9am, but it’s supposed to hit 30 today and the sun is really shining! I have been desperate enough when it’s like this that I dress in a lot of layers and go out to sit on the porch swing. Is it silly? Maybe. But it’s sunny and it’s outside! When it hits about 45, you bet I’ll be opening the windows 😉

      • We used to go for a bike ride when it hit 40… 50 was cause for a picnic! Yes, I remember those days…. Find a protected spot in the sun and soak it up!!!