Tuna Avocado Enchiladas; fusion? — 10 Comments

  1. When we were in Paris, we ate at a restaurant in Montmartre near where we were staying and met a newly married couple. The woman was an American studying abroad, the man, an Australian. She ordered a margarita and we couldn’t help but comment when she said it was awful. After that, lively conversation ensued. There are some things we just don’t order even though the possibility exists!

    • And there are things that shouldn’t be made / presented just because they can be lol.I bought a French cook book on American food… One of those little, 30 page / big photo books. Some of the recipes were hilarious – from my American view. I’m sure they tasted fine but….

  2. I’ll have to try this. I haven’t had cooked avocado yet that I really liked but then, it was stuffed and baked. It gets really soft and soggy that way.

    We have a Mexican restaurant out my way here that’s fusion, but advertises itself as such and it gets five stars across the board. We do have a couple authentic Mexican restaurants downtown Detroit way, but I refuse to drive down there so, if we have Mexican, I too make my own.

    • This was warmed, rather than cooked and I thought it was fine. Still retained it’s texture. It was cold when I put it in.
      Everything here is given a French twist – bien sur!

  3. Yes, when we lived in Minneapolis, we also use to go to Little Tijuana down from the Black Forest. Printed up the recipe–didn’t know what to do with extra avocados so going to try this with the Tuna.. I too, make my own Mexican food as the food down here in Biloxi doesn’t taste too Mexican at the very few Mexican restaurants. I think they make all Mexican food as it is TEX MEX.

    • Yep – that’s the place. I’d forgotten about the Black Forest but for some reason we didn’t go there. Too close to Little Tijuana I guess. Tex Mex is good – we don’t have that either. I use to carry back cans of green chilis from the US when we first moved here… I gave up

    • Everyone does their own version of foreign food lol. We had a big statue of the laughing cow outside a cheese shop in Andorra – life-size.