5 Things to consider about Patio Umbrellas

What do you think?

Wouldn’t an umbrella look lovely next to those two chairs mon mari just built?

I think it would.

The advantage of having our pool and deck on that side of the house is that it gets all of the afternoon sun.

That’s also the disadvantage….. It can be far too hot to sit out there.

We need shade.

However, I am reminded of our neighbor in Andorra. For years she wanted a big umbrella over their picnic table on the front lawn so they could have their summer meals there comfortably. Her husband finally bought one for her birthday.

A few weeks later a wind came up and blew the umbrella down the mountain.

Choose carefully – and here is a guest post with tips to help (me, if not you….)

5 Things you need to consider when buying Patio Umbrellas

Patios are essentially the crown of your outdoor space – it’s where your guests feel most at home. However, getting the right patio umbrella can prove to be immensely challenging. Today, patio umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes. Some have adjustable cones while others provide inflexible frames.

Whatever your preference might be, you can get the best patio umbrella at an affordable price. Your patio will get the ultimate turnaround once you introduce a lovely umbrella therein.

Here are the 5 things you need to consider when buying Patio Umbrellas:

  1. Type of materials used

Patio umbrellas are made using wide-ranging materials. The frame is often built using fiberglass, aluminum or wood. Most people prefer wooden frames because they blend into the patio more naturally. However, wooden frames are costlier than aluminum ones. Eucalyptus, teak and bamboo are all choice materials for wood umbrella frames. Aluminum is a weather-resistant material that lasts much longer and is cheaper compared to wood frames. Umbrella covers, on the other hand, are mainly manufactured by Sunbrella. Their fabrics are sturdy and provide sufficient UV resistance.

  1. Umbrella size

The size of your patio umbrella will be greatly influenced by your table size. Tables with a diameter measuring about 35 inches will require a small umbrella that measures about 6-8 feet in diameter. However, if you possess a bigger table measuring around 60 inches in diameter, then you’ll require a bigger umbrella with a much larger diameter of 11 feet. Take this important tip into consideration when purchasing a convenient patio umbrella.

  1. Positioning of the umbrella

When categorized by position, there are two main types of patio umbrellas: free standing and through table umbrellas. The former type can be placed anywhere around your patio. Since they aren’t fixed, you can utilize free standing patio umbrellas to cover a wider range of outdoor furniture. Through-table umbrella varieties have a long pole that pokes through the patio table’s middle part. This umbrella creates an outdoor focal point that brings everyone together.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels
  1. Fixed vs. tilting umbrellas

During summer, the unrelenting sun is usually scorching hot. Staying outside in the direct sun rays can wreak havoc for your skin, causing all sorts of complications. Apart from wearing sunscreen during the hot summer days, consider purchasing a tilting patio umbrella. This variety allows you to adjust its orientation easily, providing shade as required. Although fixed umbrellas are great, they ought to be big enough to provide sufficient shade throughout the day.

  1. Nature of patio landscape

If you’re thinking about purchasing a patio umbrella, first examine the landscape of your distinct patio. Measure the entire diameter of your patio and record those dimensions in a jotter. Also assess the existence of large trees that already provide shade within your compound. Consider the sun’s overhead positioning with respect to your patio, then write this down as well. This information will assist immensely when you’re shopping for a convenient patio umbrella.

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

Choosing a patio umbrella requires a sober perspective. The tips discussed above will help you to select the best umbrella for your patio.


I think I need to go umbrella shopping.

Last update on April 4, 2019

7 thoughts on “5 Things to consider about Patio Umbrellas”

  1. We have an umbrella as well and we collapse it when not in use which is easy enough to do. If storms are coming or it is just too hot to sit outside, we take it out of the table and stow it in the garage which is nearby. If it does get wet while closed, we must open it to dry out so that it doesn’t get moldy. This may be a problem only in our area. (Jersey Shore) I love the umbrella!

  2. You definitely need an umbrella. They’re pretty and the shade is a life saver when you really want to relax. We have a huge weight for ours. But it helps to put it down when you aren’t using it because they also fade very quickly. A plain, light canvas color won’t. My usual two cents! 🙂

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