5 Things to consider about Patio Umbrellas — 7 Comments

  1. We have an umbrella as well and we collapse it when not in use which is easy enough to do. If storms are coming or it is just too hot to sit outside, we take it out of the table and stow it in the garage which is nearby. If it does get wet while closed, we must open it to dry out so that it doesn’t get moldy. This may be a problem only in our area. (Jersey Shore) I love the umbrella!

    • We need one. When we just had the small deck it wasn’t that important, but we could never have lunch out there as t was too bright and hot in summer

  2. You definitely need an umbrella. They’re pretty and the shade is a life saver when you really want to relax. We have a huge weight for ours. But it helps to put it down when you aren’t using it because they also fade very quickly. A plain, light canvas color won’t. My usual two cents! 🙂