Lamb Steaks, White Asparagus Skillet Dinner; Pavlova — 4 Comments

  1. I never see white asparagus here. I might have mentioned that before. There’s lots of young asparagus available now though and I’ve been roasting it with some olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon. Simple, plain and tasty.

    I spent time outside looking at what we’ll have to pull out this year and trying to decide where I’d like to plant some herbs. My garden is quite small so I think not in there. I was contemplating putting a big galvanized water trough on the deck and planting a good variety there until hubs decided he’s going to redo the deck. We’d never be able to move the trough so I’m still trying to decide now.

    And I wouldn’t attempt that dessert either! I do like lemon curd though. I don’t like the zest however. I finally realized I have texture issues for whatever reason. I don’t like ginger either if it’s not minced really fine. I know, I’m weird…

    • My son won’t eat potatoes – texture. No problem with chips, though.
      I have a concrete cow trough in front of the house that I put herbs in for a few years. Worked great!
      Can you put it next to the deck?