Swedish Meatballs with Egg Noodles; no lutefisk but a new phone — 4 Comments

  1. I got my first phone in 1985 as well. In 1987, I ended up getting a Nextel phone through hubs work. It was a new company then, catered only to businesses. They had two models to choose from. As time went on, my new phones, like yours, would be smaller. Now, when I get a new phone, I’m looking for the larger one. More because it’s easier to see when I don’t have my glasses on. *sigh* I have a program though, on my phone that backs it up to the cloud so when I change phones, I can just download that one program, run it and all of my stuff is back.

    I’ve never had lutefisk. I’ve never had any desire to try it. I do like swedish meatballs though and the addition of the dill sounds yummy!

    • The smell of the lutefisk always did me in,,,, I had a Nextel. Those early phones were soooo big. And did nothing but be a phone lol.
      I’m adjusting to this one….. It IS a lot easier to read. I downloaded a program to do the transfer – but it’s on my pc which is in te shop !!!