Veal Parmigiana; Easter Eggs — 4 Comments

  1. I waited until tonight to report: Hubs and I do eggs every year, even though the girls moved out long ago. I couldn’t find white eggs at the store this week, they were all gone for dying! So I bought my usual grass fed, free range eggs which are a very pretty medium shade of brown. I thought, why not? I suppose the worst that can happen is they’ll all look like mud when we’re done.

    They’re beautiful! I’ve never had white eggs take color like this. I bought the Pas Jewel tone color, which I’ve used before and these are dark and rich looking and just lovely! I did a dozen. We’ll eat them throughout the week since they’ll keep in the fridge that long, but I’ll never buy white eggs to color again.

    So to answer your question, yes, Virginia, there are still people who dye eggs 😉

    And that veal parmigiana looks wonderful!

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