Vieux Carré Scampi; recipe cards — 10 Comments

  1. I subscribed to various “cards”. Still have them, or at least the ones I’ve made more than once!

    • Books, plates, other crap, in addition to the recipe cards. Collecting was really the thing to do for awhile. Now what to do with it all!

  2. I used to subscribe to them! I’d forgotten them since I ended up pitching them all in one of our moves. I found, for me, that I might use one or two recipe cards out of all that I got each month because my family was not adventurous at all.

    This recipe does look good! I don’t know why we don’t eat more shrimp. We like shrimp. It’s just not a protein I buy often at all.

    • I’ve been buying it more often…. It’s the same price as salmon, but I’ve found that we eat less of it – 7oz for the 2 of us rather than 12oz of salmon. And the hubs prefers it in winter. He likes salmon grilled lol

  3. Ha! I had an argument about “scampi” with an online friend when I asked her how she prepared it and whether she used fresh or frozen shrimp. She insisted the dish was made with chicken. In the end, just to shut me up, I think, she relented a little and said that it could be made with shrimp if you wanted.

    And then added: Or crab. Or bacon. Or even vegetarian. !!

    She went on to say that while “scampi” means shrimp in Italian, but in North America, “scampi” means Italian sauce for spaghetti or linguini.

    I gave up….

    And. Yes, I remember recipe cards. I still have some.

    • Sometimes you can’t win…. and ‘North Americans’ do like to appropriate words and then assign a different meaning; Like ‘entre’ for main course. Drives me nuts but I’m learning to ignore it.
      But scampi meaning sauce? That’s a bit too creative.