Beef and Asparagus Lo Mein; purple — 6 Comments

  1. I love ramen noodles. I too toss the packet and just do the noodles. 🙂 I can’t get just a big bag of noodles at the store I shop at though.

    I love your picture of the chives. I have to say though, I have to go round and pick off all the flowers anymore because I have chives growing everywhere. And I mean everywhere! All the flowerbeds, the grass, the edge of the driveway…I keep pulling them from the spots I don’t want them to grow and they just keep growing.

    • But they smell so nice when you mow ! I had that happen with garlic chives when we lived in MN. I finally dug them up and threw them into the woods – where they promptly took over.

    • That is a transplant from my old herb garden, which the bunnies destroyed. Now, both are doing incredibly well. Apparently, bunnies are not a match for sage.