Bread Baking Babes bounce back to basics — 4 Comments

  1. It really is the most fabulous bread! Until making this recipe, I have been a little intimidated to try making sandwich bread without adding any commercial yeast. How cool that wild yeast really does work!! (Duh. As if it wasn’t for centuries before the last one when commercial yeast was introduced and basically took over in peoples’ kitchens.)

    • Wild yeast is a wonderful thing. When we were making wine we were not allowed to add any yeast. It fermented with the yeast that was already on the skins,

  2. I forgot to add: Thank goodness it’s not Wonder bread! One has to wonder how Wonder Bread became so successful.

    Wonder Bread wishes that their bread was as good as this BBB sandwich bread!

    (Note that the nice alliteration on the title to this post was not lost on me… goodness how sad that I didn’t manage to echo it, I’ve had to make do with a run-on sentence instead because that’s as much as I can manage after being so late to the table.)