Chicken and Asparagus, Savoyarde-Style; spring walks — 5 Comments

  1. She’s so cute!

    Unless I shop at Whole Foods or Aldi, neither of which are within an hour of me, I never see fresh artichokes and have never seen frozen so alas, I am forced to use the canned ones. If you cook the chicken a bit longer, can I guess that you could serve this without baking? I’m all about not turning on the oven if I can help it though tonight, we’re having shepard’s pie from the leftover pork loin on Monday. It’s still only in the 50’s here and has been raining and raining. I’m sure you didn’t see it, but the Southfield freeway was so flooded, it came up to the overpass. It’s been very bad. I’m a long way north of that and on a hill so no flooding for us, but we’ve still had a ridiculous amount of rain. While the temp is okay, my grass is squishy and I don’t like working in the yard like that.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book… 😉

    • You have been inundated with snow and rain this spring! And cold. This time of year the only heat I have in the kitchen is the oven ‘-) I cleaned the stove and refuse to light a fire!
      It does not have to be baked – just a way to relax before eating, and to brown the cheese.

  2. I’d use asparagus too! Love artichokes but oh that work. The photos if your walk are so lovely. We walked through so mans rapeseed fields in bloom on one of our trips. Wonderful memories. Cute pup, too!

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