Chicken, Potato, Tomato Gratin; oven woes — 10 Comments

  1. I am fortunate to have a gas oven. Even if the power goes out and the electronic ignitions therefore don’t work, I can still light the oven or burners. I know you’re not in a position to have a gas unit though. At least, I thought you’d talked about that at one time. I’m just so glad though that the malfunctioning oven didn’t burn the house down!

    My mother never wanted gas in her house. She had relatives who hadn’t shown up for church one Sunday and when a couple of the parishioner/friends went to check on the family, they’d had a gas leak overnight and it wiped out the family so my mother refused to consider it. Consequently, we had oil heat and I remember times when the heat would quit, either because we were out of oil or the line into the house had frozen because of condensation. My mother would do the same thing. Our kitchen was also small so she would cover the windows and turn on the oven. I hadn’t thought of that in years…

    This recipe is a definite go for me! It’s been way too rainy out to want to stand outside and while the temps have been in the 60’s, it’s clammy and just plain nasty so we’re not grilling yet.

    • We would have to bring in the bottles and I really didn’t want to do that so it’s all electric. The thought of what could have happened if it would have been at night was quite terrifying…. Which is why I’m getting a new one rather than trying to fix this one
      We had a big tank in the basement for furnace and stove. Also a scary thought lol. I remember when they finally moved it outside and buried it.

  2. Good luck with your oven search and then adjusting to it.
    Today was the last day of the season for our asparagus people. It is not only their asparagus I am going to miss but also their happy banter as they serve the long queue of customers.

    • It’s always sad to see the end of the asparagus. Our favorite asparagus grower quit a few years ago – that was even sadder. This oven has a dial for temperature = typical french dial with numbers for 100, 150, 200 etc. – and one just guesses for the in-between. I didn’t notice and I will be adjusting lol
      (Actually, I just assumed the the temp would be displayed. They’re not)

      • That is the only type of oven I’ve had in nearly 50 years of cooking and baking! I could work out the in between temperatures with an electric oven but not the gas oven I have now because it is not the same number of degrees between the graduations. I have resorted to using a separate oven thermometer.

  3. What! A! Drag!

    Didn’t you just get a new oven?! (Okay, maybe it isn’t “just”, but surely your oven isn’t much more that 10 years old!)

    I hope the oodles of cherries weren’t ruined!

    • The cherry crisp was fine – luckily it happened at the end of the baking… a little dark but we just called it caramelized. The oven was only 9 yrs old…. Very disappointing

  4. Very disappointing indeed. I guess it’s not still on warrantee, though.

    That’s a relief that teh cherry crisp wasn’t ruined. (Good idea to use the word “caramelized” for those little char marks….)