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Shrimp Gnocchi; critter issues — 8 Comments

  1. Now this looks fabulous! And we’d both really like this. I have a question, is your precooked shrimp shelled and de-veined? I don’t buy fresh here often because it’s not. I usually buy frozen and just toss it in for a minute or two.

    You need something like a trail cam to get a shot of your golden resident. We have one and manage to catch a lot of wildlife on it, including three, two legged ones that walked through our backyard at 5 in the morning wearing backpacks. We’re on three acres. I don’t know where they came from, but the path they took led them right through our dog’s toilet area. He weighs 110 pounds. I hope whatever they were doing was worth it 😉

    I don’t get slugs really. I might have seen two or three in the past four years. I do get Japanese Beetles all over my roses though, but it doesn’t last long. A few blasts from a nerf gun filled with dawn dish soap and water and sometimes, a little rubbing alcohol, usually eliminates them. I try not to use poisons. Sometimes though, there is no choice.

    • I buy the shelled, but they are a bit more expensive. Raw shrimp are only found in the freezer section. As to the ‘veins’ they are rarely even visible so I don’t bother. If I can see them I remove them.
      I find small slugs and snails in my lettuces all the time. I see the really big, brown ones in the woods but not in the garden, thankfully. Snails are everywhere, but I just pick them up and toss them in the woods. (by the shell)

  2. Today , in broad daylight, a shadow passed in front of the patio door. I went to check as a neighbour’s Yorkshire terrier has been escaping and coming visiting. In the middle of the lawn was a rather large hare! He sat for a few moments looking out over the garden and then disappeared. If he spotted the veg we have just planted he may be back! Husband has been warned.

    • I saw a hare here last week – loping through an opening in the wheat field… I hope he stays there. It was a rare sighting… the last one I saw was 4 years ago. Rabbits, on the other hand, 10 – 15 every morning. I have a fence on a fence on a fence around the veg….

  3. Yes your critter sounds like a stoat (slightly larger than a weasel, about the same size as a rat but a completely different shape, very slender and sinuous, you rarely get more than a glimpse). Be careful with your slug pellets as they are potentially poisonous to hedgehogs — who will also be eating your slugs if they get a chance, and can scoff the most amazing number of them (slugs I mean).

    • No, it didn’t really look like a stoat (I Googled it). We’re going to the chasse dinner tonight – someone (or everyone) there will know… and I’ll probably learn way more than I need lol
      I’ve only seen one hedgehog here, dead, sadly…. a few years ago. But they wouldn’t be anywhere near the potager, and the dead slugs wouldn’t be anywhere near them. I have no idea what is eating the pellets, but all the ones I put around the lettuce were eaten, and I’ve seen no dead critters. It was a bio variety, I have now given up.

    • I still have no idea…. Maybe someone’s pet rat escaped. It’s not the same as the local rats but it’s not anything else people have suggested.
      Or I’m hallucinating lol