Spaghetti with Shrimp, Spinach; tomatoes — 4 Comments

  1. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 68. Then rain through the week until the weekend again. It’s soggy, squishy and miserable outside and only 40 out right now so I won’t be going out today. Tomorrow though, I’ll have to try and get as much cleaned up as I can since the plants grow relentlessly, even in the rain.

    We had a fire in the hearth a couple nights ago. It’s been a very strange spring and while I can remember a spring or two where we had snow mid May, it wasn’t this constant, chilly rain. This is the time of year when hubs is usually splitting and stacking wood for the winter so it’s seasoned nicely, but the spot he works in is a mud pit.

    I’ll definitely be making this dish! I actually found ramps in the organic section of our big box store, for the first time. There is a small, family owned farm that sells ramp plants and they’ll ship them to me, but I haven’t really got an area that would work well to plant them. The previous owner loved flowers. Full sun flowers. No trees. No shade. 🙁 And now, the one tree we do have has a huge frost crack in it and we’re just hoping it doesn’t die. I’d have a yard full of trees if they weren’t so expensive! As to the shrimp, I usually buy flash frozen. They’re cleaned and they work well in dishes like this. For me.

    • I’ve never had ramps. I know they exist here but I’ve never seen them.
      I’m so sick of cold rain – and fires every night in MAY!
      And yes, the lawn needs cutting every 4 or 5 days, the weeds are taking over and it’s too wet to trim lol
      Our last house had been owned by people who loved flowers… We had over 75 roses…. Not one of which had a scent!

  2. Its going to be well into the forties at the weekend here in Marrakech….way hotter than it should be…summer hasn’t even started yet !!