4 Tips to buying an Aquaponics kit

Remember terrariums?

Glass bowls or squares or oblongs in which you grew plants in a ‘closed (or open for succulents) ecosystem’. They were all the rage in the 70’s.

The idea was also used as a habitat for small pets like spiders (who would have a pet spider? Shudder!!!) or lizards (our friend in Spain had a lizard) or snakes.

Aquariums have always been popular, from the little fish bowl with a lone goldfish to wall-covering water systems for fresh or salt water inhabitants.

My personal opinion is that both terrariums and aquariums are interesting (but not lizard-housing vivariums) but I have never owned either.

Last week when I was at our local big garden center there was a huge display of terrariums. Perhaps they are coming back in style? Or maybe I should have had a closer look.

They could have been like these aquaponics kits.

These could be fun…. The fish are soothing to watch, like in an aquarium plus one can grow food! What’s not to love? I could have basil and chives year-round growing on my fish tank!

And they take care of each other! All good. This post definitely got my interest.

4 Tips to buying an Aquaponics kit

Aquaponics systems have steadily grown in popularity since their invention in the late 1990s. Their benefits are many. Apart from providing a fully organic farming system, these structures use 90% less water compared to conventional farming techniques. In addition, aquaponics setups don’t utilize any soil or chemicals, eliminating mercury and soil pests that could harm both fish and plants.

Here’s a nutshell of how aquaponics works: crops receive a rich bounty of nutrients by absorbing fish excretions and in return, the fish habitat is purified and cleansed by the plants. You can get a variety of impressive aquaponics kits at a competitive price.

Here are 4 Tips to buying an Aquaponics kit:

  1. Space and location

Before purchasing and setting up an aquaponics kit, it’s important to consider how much space you’ve got. Does your home possess some yard space, or do you live in an enclosed apartment with plenty of indoor space? If the former condition holds true, then your backyard will provide access to plenty of natural sunlight that will allow your plants to thrive. But if you’re limited to the indoors, the most suitable aquaponics system will contain artificial lights to complement the inadequate natural lighting that seeps through the windows. Greenhouses are considered to be the best place to install aquaponics structures because the environment therein can be controlled to your exact specifications.

  1. Consider the price

Purchasing a pre-assembled aquaponics unit is relatively expensive compared to building a DIY kit – the price could extend to several thousands of dollars. Because of this reason, most individuals prefer to create their own aquaponics systems that perfectly replicate an ideal ecosystem where plants and fish thrive together. There are few resources online that guide individuals on how they can build simple aquaponics systems in an easy, cost-effective way. However, if you prefer to purchase a predesigned aquaponics unit, explore different stores while comparing the prices to avoid breaking the bank.

  1. Consider the climate in your area

Weather is a huge determinant that you ought to think about when purchasing an aquaponics kit. Countries in Europe and the Americas experience harsh winters in certain months, making the environment there less suitable for rearing fish in aquaponics ponds. If you live in one of those countries, you’d either have to carry your kit indoors or shut it down momentarily when winter arrives. Australia enjoys a warm, tropical climate throughout the year, making it ideal for setting up an aquaponics system. It’s not surprising that these eco-friendly systems are widely popular in Australia.

  1. Type of fish tank and grow bed

There’s an assortment of fish tanks to choose from, depending on your budget. Glass tanks are a popular option among aquaponics enthusiasts because they’re more attractive and provide an enviable view of the outside world for your fish. But if you’re financially constrained, there’s the option of using a stock tank or converting an unused barrel into a fish tank. It’s also crucial to select a sturdy grow bed for your plants. This bed should be supported by solid foundation consisting of either lumber frames or concrete bricks.

Consider these tips when you’re buying a suitable aquaponics kit.

Last update on June 11, 2019

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  1. Terrariums have gone in and out of fashion…trending now in Australia..but I have never owned one. I saw classes being run on creating your own just in April

    • Funny how this stuff keeps coming back in style ! An aunt had a goldfish in a bowl when I was young. I always felt so sorry for it, all alone in that bowl lol. Then my son had a saltwater tank with gorgeous fish. Total opposites

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