Barbecued Salmon; salmon skins — 7 Comments

  1. I do the same thing when we grill the salmon, which isn’t very often because hubs is not a fan of salmon. I think he only eats it because there will be nothing else for dinner if he doesn’t 😉 I use a flat grill pan with holes in it so when it comes time to take the salmon off the grill, I slip a very thin metal spatula beneath them, between the skin and the fillet and lift the salmon off. We turn off the smoker or if using the Weber, move the pan to the side, and let them dry a bit more until we’re done eating. Then I take them off. When we’re done with dinner and I’m done with everything but cleaning that pan, then he gets his nice, crispy skin. He has no one to fight with anymore since Ciine is gone now, so he’s much calmer about taking them from me. I also have to keep a little chunk of the fish for the cat. She’s between my feet the entire time!

    • They love the salmon skin more than anything else – maybe because it’s a rare treat. I’m lucky I have fingers. My last 2 dogs were very gentle but these 2 have never learned that – too competitive I think

  2. Is there really any other way but the barbecue to prepare salmon? It’s perfect when grilled simply and served with basil pesto. Or with green peppercorn sauce. Your way with hoisin sounds delicious too.

    Don’t you love it when the dogs look around for any tiny bits they may have missed? (Your dogs would be very disappointed at our house. We like to eat the skin…..)

    • Even if I liked the skin I don’t think I could deny the dogs…. they get so excited. They also love raw potatoes so are very attentive when I’ cutting them. Not as much as salmon skins though. mart dogs

      • I would probably be the same.

        We can’t stop giving our cat green beans because of the dance he does when he learns there are beans for him (we can’t even casually say the “b” word without hearing a thump and thudding paws as he races down the stairs).