Cherry Crisp; spring flowers — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve never put am egg in a crisp topping before either. I might have to try it. I’ll be doing m second pick of my rhubarb on Wednesday so we’ll see.

    I had clematis at our previous house. I learned to never cut it back completely because the new growth grew on the old, but it was that particular type of clematis.

    On a side note, nothing else has gone missing from my garden. I would think if it was slugs that ate the cuke plant, they’d come back to finish them off. :/

    • The slugs seem to limit themselves to the early leaves on plants – other than lettuce. I consider everything (other than lettuce) safe after they are an inch or 2 tall. I have tried, repeatedly, to grow rhubarb. My mother told me that all one does is stick it in the ground and it explodes everywhere. Apparently I don’t have the right technique lol

    • Well, I will say that mine gets onl three or so hours of sun a day. I’ve not seen it planted in any other area type either. Even the neighbors when I was growing up had a more forest like area and theirs was so overgrown, we got pounds and pounds of the stuff. Mine’s planted between the barn and the towering evergreens which tends to keep the dirt moist. It’s also planted next to the raspberries which don’t produce a lot of fruit and I think it’s because they don’t get much sun, but the rhubarb does great there. Maybe try planting it in a spot similar to that. I know you must have an area like that in your yard. I’ll have another picking here tomorrow. That will be my third.