Grilled Chicken Salad; and more salads — 8 Comments

  1. Today is one of those rare days when I wish we had a pool. Rare though. But it’s 1pm here and 85 already. It was in the 50’s last week. *sigh*

    Hubs eats a salad for lunch and dinner every day. I do not. Roughage. I don’t eat a lot of that. It doesn’t agree with me.

    And I wish I hadn’t bought dill this year. I bought fern dill. Right after, all the volunteer plants from last year came up. It’s everywhere! But my cukes are doing well. They all have flowers on them. Lots of flowers. Didn’t lose anymore leaves so I’m still not sure what happened. I would have suspected, had they been eaten by slugs, the slugs would have returned for more, but no plants have been touched since.

    • Slugs are strange… they ate all the lower leaves off 2 Delicata squash plants and then nothing else anywhere in the garden. Maybe the birds eat the slugs.
      I don’t ever buy lettuce…. We eat mostly from the garden so we eat salads like crazy for 6 weeks then not at all. lol
      I tried planting cukes here – at our last place I made lots of pickles… But here they were bitter. I was told it was something in the soil – and to buy them lol

  2. According to the forecast we’ve got at least another week of days in the 30s, but night time temps are going down to something more reasonable thank goodness. It’s been salads, salads and more salads here in the Touraine. I’ve cooked a couple of things in the mini oven, but that’s all. Last night I boiled sushi rice and edamame beans and increased the humidity levels to about a billion. Not doing that again!

    • We get direct sun all afternoon into the kitchen so it gets hot…. I close it up by noon, but still. Cooking is at a minimum inside. It’s the hubs turn to do it outside.

  3. I just love your holiday project; I would add a cold refreshing cocktail. I’m in school studying nutrition and wellness. What classes are you taking?

    • French lol. Still trying to wrap my mind and tongue around the language. I’m thinking about doing something else in the fall but class here are somewhat limited. This year we started studying French literature…. Yikes!