How Smoked Food Is Healthy

It’s finally summer!

Well, today is anyway….. We have hopes for more than one summer day in a row.

Summer means grilling outdoors, barbecuing, and smoking.

My longtime readers know we love to use our smoker – especially to make our favorite Smoked Pasta.

But we have an old, wood and / or charcoal smoker. A Facebook friend recently got a pellet smoker.

Interesting, I thought. Using wood pellets rather than fuel to heat your house is increasingly popular here in France but I never thought about cooking with pellets.

Then I was approached about publishing this post about smoking and pellet smokers.


Know How Smoked Food Is Healthy

Infusing your food with smoke does not only give it a delicious flavour, but also makes it look appetizing. Although smoked food is as old as the fire, it has gained massive popularity, especially among the party lovers. Smoking systems and processes have improved, enabling the smoking of a variety of foods more easily and conveniently. Whether smoked beef, bacon, ham, turkey breast or salmon, any type of smoked food is a great recipe to add to your meals.

Apart from their delicious flavour and looks as well as the convenience of preparing smoked food, there are more health reasons why you need to go for the best pellet smoker to buy at to achieve the best results with little of your effort. In this article, we will explore how healthy smoked foods can be when prepared and consumed appropriately.

Smoked Food Health Benefits

Just like any other trend, there is a lot of negative information surrounding smoked foods, which has led people to believe myths that are based on mere speculations. However, you need to understand that like any other foods, the health benefits of smoked delicacies depend on the ingredients and the method of preparation. With the correct smoking methods and moderate consumption, smoked foods bring to the table several health benefits.

  1. Smoked Foods are Rich in Nutrients

The types of foods that find their way to our smokers are mainly meat and fish, which are naturally rich in essential nutrients such as proteins and amino acids. While these nutrients are present in non-smoked foods, smoking helps to prepare high-protein meals that are enjoyable for everyone to eat. Protein helps in building body muscles, creation of healthy blood cells and strengthening the bones.

Fish, in particular, is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are responsible for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular muscles and protection of the body nervous system.

Moreover, smoked meat is a rich source of sodium and iron, two minerals that are very helpful in the human body.

  1. Low-Fat Content

Unlike frying, the smoking process eliminates the need to use vegetable oils, cooking fats or sauces. Besides, the process allows the meat to drip out excess fat, resulting in a healthy meal with no extra oils or carbohydrate content and is light to enhance digestibility.

Additionally, by preparing your own smoked foods you can control the content of fats, salt and other fillers as well as choosing a healthy type of meat.

  1. High Fibre Content

Smoked meat has a high fibre content, which improves the digestion and metabolism process. Therefore, by eating smoked foods you induce a healthy routine of the body, making it an ideal meal for people who are on a diet as well as athletes.

  1. Smoked Food is Fit for Human Consumption

Traditionally, smoking was a method of preserving food and this benefit is still valid. The smoking process dries the meat to make it hard for any bacteria to survive. This means that you can store your ready meat for a longer period, and eat it later without fear of getting infections. It also helps to reduce food wastage.

  1. Smoked Food is Flavourful 

We all enjoy a meal that is both appetizing from the way it looks and tastes. The smoky flavour makes the food more palatable, thus easy to eat without the use of numerous spices and ingredients to add taste. Besides, too much of spices and other forms of seasonings can have a negative impact on our health. The intense flavour of smoked food is sufficient to lift any kind of meal, making us take in useful nutrients while enjoying the bite.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, we gain many health benefits by consuming smoked food not to mention the pleasant task and ease of preparation. However, excessive consumption of the same can have harmful effects on our health. It is therefore advisable to take smoked delicacies moderately to prevent any side effects. Further, it is important to invest in the best pellet smoker to be able to control the type of smoked food and fat content you take.

Last update on June 15, 2019

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