Leek and Ham Gratin; photo colors — 6 Comments

  1. The wild flowers are Pyramidal Orchids Anacamptis pyramidalis (Fr. Orchis pyramidal). They are at their peak just now. A protected species (although no longer rare, and expanding their range). They are bright pink, btw.

  2. I love leeks. They’re never cheap here. I can only buy ‘organic’ leeks and everything organic is ridiculously expensive. I don’t buy leeks often because of that. The real kicker is, the grocery I shop at carries a variety of fresh mushrooms and they were all very reasonably priced. That is, until someone realized all mushrooms grown here are organic since they’re a fungus and chemicals would kill them. So they changed the packaging to add the word ‘organic’ and raised the price by $1.50 a package. *sigh*

    I find that your Nikon always seems to take pictures that are more yellow. I notice it a lot in the food pictures. You should be able to play with the color settings on your phone to add or remove tones. I have a D3400 Nikon and I have no clue if you can do that with the camera. :/

    • Marketing is everything !
      I do set the gray tone (with the gray ‘card) on it but I think the lighting casts a yellow tone. I try to offset it with a blue filter…. And it looks right on my computer. Sadly, I don’t have options of looking at it on other computers lol

  3. We found this flower in our garden too – very pretty. Even prettier were the ‘bumble bee orchids’ . I have now marked a whole section of the garden as a no-mow zone in the Spring!

    • That is always the challenge – to find the flowers before they get mowed down. These are in our little woods which, for obvious reasons, doesn’t get mowed,