Meatballs with Pesto Spaghetti; more spring flowers — 5 Comments

  1. I always add a splash of the pasta water to whatever I’ve made. It just makes the sauces so much smoother and the sauces seem to stick to the pasta better. I’m growing basil so hoping to make fresh pesto with it though no pine nuts.

    I’ve had two good days this week. The rest have once again been rainy and miserable. It’s miserable today. Still somewhat foggy at noon. But with all the rain, my plants are thriving. I’ve not lost anymore cuke leaves so you must have been right about the slugs. I think I’ll buy just one more plant to replace the eaten one. I inherited an onion set from Thing 1. She just had way too many, so I planted those as well. We’ll see if they grow. Hope so!

    • We had high winds and rain yesterday…. Had it been in another month when the plants are bigger I’m sure I would have lost a lot. All the damp just makes the slugs move around more lol