Taco Salad, Mediterranean Style; something new – maybe — 7 Comments

  1. Please don’t change things. These tired eyes wouldn’t cope with less color and to be honest, blogs with rotating header pictures trigger my migraines. There are a lot of places I don’t visit anymore because they thought they were being ‘fashionable’. And I know you’re kidding. You are kidding…

    I love salads in the hot weather and wouldn’t you know, we went from mid 50’s to high 80’s in two days. *sigh*

    • I hate the ‘soft gray’ colors that are everywhere…. even this comment as I type. But I can’t figure out how to change it. I’m always torn between just clicking away and leaving a scathing comment on those sites lol I leave.
      I think a lot of them don’t know how to properly calibrate their monitors lol

    • The way to change the type color is in the style sheet which is under Appearance/Editor and then you’d have to search for the font color to change it. There are several tutorials out there for it. Not very hard at all to do 🙂

      • That will change it for the stuff controlled by the theme, but not by the plugins that override the theme….. I think. And changing fonts / color is easy in a post. I started using a recipe plugin, and I don’t know (yet) if I can even access the code. I doubt it. And they say they ‘use styles compatible with your blog’ whatever that means. There are not even font / color options on the plugin. Actually, there isn’t even a choice for capital letters…. I hate losing control.
        But Google now wants mark-up to enable voice. I’m tired of getting emails from Google listing my errors – that weren’t errors 6 months ago, but are now. I’ve done the mark-up myself for 5 years….

        • And just like that I got an answer to my question about changing styles on the plugin…. At least one of the templates can be changed with CSS.
          It would just be easier to offer the option – it’s not that tough. I do it on my 2 sites (not blogs)

  2. Please don’t make the font lighter – those of us with older eyes can’t see it! But I’m sure anything else you do will be fine. 🙂

    • Those ‘lovely, soft gray fonts’ make me want to put my fist through my monitor. I have to restrain myself from hurling down curses on their heads.
      Sadly, a lot of this is getting way too ‘user-friendly’ and won’t allow changes, which is why I resisted for so long. I hate stuff I can’t get in and tweak myself