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Giant Stuffed Cheeseburger; la Félibrée — 6 Comments

  1. I should be very sad to not have a true burger, bun and all. The bun is kind of what makes it a burger 😉

    Looks like the festival was a lot of fun. And 90 minutes isn’t that long to drive though I wouldn’t want to do it regularly.

    • I* do get hungry for a proper burger – bun, cheese, fried onion, pickles, …. I may have to go in search of bun substitutes again….
      The festival was fun – and next year it will be in a village much closer!

  2. Oooh!! Now THAT’s the sort of burger I like. And we do have access to the buns (homemade, of course – the storebought versions wouldn’t stand up to that lovely stuffed cheeseburger.)

    Ah, Perigueux! It is indeed a lovely town! On a bicycle holiday (way back in the last century), we had the most lovely couscous dinner in a little family run restaurant on Rue des Farges. No people in costumes though. Just two little boys (children of the couple who owned the restaurant) who, after doing their homework, ran outside to stand gazing awestruck at our bikes to thoroughly inspect them, and then, after nobody was really paying attention to the boys any more, suddenly look up guiltily when one of them couldn’t help himself from honking one of the bike horns. So. Not quite as thrilling as zillions of ladies dancing in the streets, but almost….

    • I may have to just make my own buns…. if the weather ever cools off again to turn the oven on.
      I really liked Perigueux…, As I said, we have to go back when the shops are open and have a leisurely meander about town. I’ll look for your street…. The restaurant, if it’s still there, is probably run by the sons now lol

  3. Our Grand Frais in Agen has a Marie Blachere boulangerie attached (the GF in Narbonne had an MB down the road) who do decent burger buns. Definitely too hot to have the oven on !!