Grilled Pork & Avocado Salad — 7 Comments

  1. You clearly don’t know many Australians — pickled beetroot is a standard addition to salads.

    It’s hot here, for sure, but not quite as hot as the canicule. Nights are cooling down to something much more agreable, whereas during the canicule they didn’t go below 25C. That’s what the real problem was, especially when combined with a couple of daytime maxes in the low 40s.

  2. It’s 2pm here in Michigan and 92 degrees, but the humidity is at 75%. It was 97% this morning at 7 when we got up. I can certainly stand the heat as long as I can breathe, but with that kind of humidity…

    I think we’re having a big salad tonight. I haven’t decided yet. I do know I won’t be turning the oven on for anything.

    • Thankfully, we don’t get the humidity like we did in MN… When people complain about it being humid here I just laugh…. 60% ? Nothing. 95F with 97% – now you can complain lol

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about it, we are hoping to take our visitors to one at Nerac next week.