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Grilled Scallops with Avocado Sauce

With the sweet scallops and creamy avocado, this is a rich dish. I served fewer scallops than usual. Serve it with a simple rice or barley pilaf…. or quinoa.





Use a grill pan or basket for easy handling and be careful not to overcook. Or cook them on skewers.
You could use shrimp or any firm white fish in place of the scallops.
The scallops could also be quickly sautéed in a nonstick skillet over medium high heat for about the same amount of time.
To store the avocado turn it upside down on a small plate (pit removed) and store in the fridge for a day or 2…. Really, it’s that easy. You don’t need film or lemon juice or anything else. It just needs to lie flat.

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