Pesto Zucchini Noodles; the potager — 5 Comments

  1. I planted onions this year but this is the first year I’ve done this so…when do I pull them? Most of them have protruded now through the dirt but the tops are still very strong and green. It was my understanding that I shouldn’t pull them until the tops start to wilt. Also, to me, they don’t look softball sized and these onions are supposed to be. I just don’t want tiny little onions and if I pull them too early, they will be.

    We managed to beat all that hot weather and the garden is still going strong. My cukes are overwhelming, there are so many of them. I’m going to be making pickles this year, I think.

    • I have never buried my onions or shallots and they have always been lovely. This year they are huge! I push the bulbs in about 3/4 of the way, leaving the top 1/4 above the dirt. When they are growing they end up looking like they are sitting on top of the ground. Basically, the roots and the very bottom are underground. That was how I learned to do it 10 years ago and it has always worked perfectly. My neighbor buries his, always complains that mine are so much nicer, but refuses to listen to me,
      The ‘shoulders’ need to be exposed now, so you will need to remove the dirt around the top (or so my neighbor tells me as I never have to do this)>
      When the tops start to turn yellow they should fall over, Stop watering them then. If they don’t fall over on their own, bend them at the bottom. After they have been fallen over for a week or so, and are yellower, you can pull. Then cure in the sun for a day or 2, then a cool, dark place for a week or 2 until the tops are dry. Then braid and store.
      Mine are all monsters this year – yes, softball size. Apparently, the like the hot weather

    • Thanks! I’ll try the planting next year. Too late now of course. The tops on mine are still very solid and bright green so I can only guess they’re not ready yet. These were onion sets left over from the sets my daughter’s mother in law gave her. She showed me how she was shown to plant them. Just stick them in the ground using your finger and only to the first knuckle or so. Maybe I did plant them right then and it’s just going to take some more time. Everything but my cukes are so far behind this year because of the weather. My cukes are exploding.