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Potato Salad, Midwestern Style; la Félibrée — 4 Comments

  1. la Felibree looks like such a wonderful time. We have very few real festivals near us. Oh, we have the township stuff set up in the park, but it’s not the same as the old street fairs were. There was just something about them.

    My potato salad is potatoes, eggs, onions, carrots, Miracle Whip, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of milk to make it not so thick since the yolks add some thickness of their own. I always laugh at any recipes though that insist they can’t stand Miracle Whip, would never think of using it, it’s terrible stuff, and then proceed to doctor up their mayo with exactly the ingredients in Miracle Whip. And I only use redskin potatoes anymore because they tend to retain their firmness much better than bakers do. Waxy potatoes usually do.

    • I love Miracle Whip – it’s all we had growing up as my mother hated mayo. Can’t get it here so I doctor it up lol
      Carrots, huh? Nice bit of crunch….
      There is lots going on around here in summer. Plays, concerts, and dances are very popular. The only thing I miss are art fairs…. Those are rare. And everything is about the food….