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Why a Cooking Set is Something Everyone Needs — 4 Comments

  1. Like you, we have both kinds. The first set of cookware I had was an insanely inexpensive stainless steel copper bottom set from a discount store. I soon learned why it was so inexpensive. Only two of the pots from that set survive: the big stock pot and a tiny pot barely large enough to boil eggs – we use them for camping now.

    As a wedding present, my parents-in-law gave us a really good set of stainless steel heavy bottomed cookware that we still use all the time. About 5 years ago, we found a matching (!) frying pan (smaller than the one we had already) at a garage sale.

    But the real work-horses in our kitchen are the various cast-iron pans we have. Those are our “no-stick” pans. The small cast-iron frying pan is The Best for omelette making!

    What great inventions S hooks and wire wall panels are! Otherwise, I’m not sure how on earth we would store all that cookware….

    (We just picked up – literally – a large enamelled cast-iron casserole dish (with lid) in pretty much pristine condition, once it was washed, that had been discarded on someone’s front lawn after a move. I’m planning to bake bread in it….)

    • I have a pot rack that the hubs manages to hook into a floor beam above the ceiling so it’s secure. Still, I only hang the smaller stuff on it, but it holds a lot. We don’t see cast iron here, but I have some cast aluminum from ages ago – I need to get that out and bring it back to life, Hmmmm