Bacon Stuffed Onions; rats — 6 Comments

  1. WOW! I really need an area just for onions next year! Those look wonderful. I planted probably 30 and out of those, I pulled 11 this week. That’s all that really grew to any size at all. The rest never developed. I’m rather upset by that.

    I will admit, I refuse to eat green jello, but that’s because I was on a jello and chicken broth diet for a week prior to a very delicate surgery. I could have nothing with red dye or anything red (beets come to mind) so it was pretty much the green jello and chicken broth according to the approved diet. I got so sick of green jello…and I won’t drink green things like smoothies or health drinks because I had a very bad experience on one of those. I refuse however, to give up my margaritas! 😉

    I need to make this onion recipe. I can’t imagine life without onions. Boggles the mind…

    • What an awful diet ! And I don’t do smoothies or health drinks. I prefer to eat my fruit and veg…..
      My onions were exceptional this year. Which was nice – after having them attacked by bunnies and worthless last year.
      Boggles the mind indeed…. They weren’t our ‘type; lol

  2. Rats… Ewwww! Rats!!

    Maybe that is what has caused our zucchini plant behind the garage to wither…. I haven’t seen rats but I suspect they’re around. 🙁

    (I will refrain from commenting on the “I don’t do ___fill_in_food_item_here__”; it’s best not to get me started.)

    • After more thought…. they could have been hedgehogs. So they went from ‘Ewwww’ to ‘Huh – cute’.
      But I really don’t know. I, once again, went on a search for tiny holes which I then plugged./ We’ll see….
      As to food do’s & don’ts – I keep quiet, mostly….