Dietbon, healthy, gourmet diet ready-made meals delivered! — 2 Comments

  1. Hubs did Nutrisystem for a year and a half. He lost over 100 pounds (don’t mention I said anything 😉 ) but the food on the Nutrisystem plan was…often boring at best and tasted like cardboard more often than not. If we could get this! It looks delicious. But the problem with all of these prepackaged diet plans is, if you stop them, you have to be extremely disciplined to not go back to your previous ways. And that is very hard because, out of all the vices/addictions one can get involved in, food is the only one you just can’t quit and never go back to. 🙁

    • That is the problem with any ‘diet’. They’re not meant to be maintained forever and once you stop you start gaining. The biggest change I made, and it was because I had to when the hubs became a T1 diabetic, is portion control and measuring. A half cup of raw rice doesn’t look like much for 2 people, but it is….