Grilled Turkey Aioli, summer festivals — 4 Comments

  1. We don’t really have a lot of street things near me. Oh, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak and Plymouth come to mind, but the first two have become very commercial and none of the three have anywhere near the parking they need. When we lived in Plymouth, we could walk about a mile into town and go through all the vendor’s tents, but after we moved, it became too difficult to find anywhere to leave the car.

    We also don’t get turkey near us unless it’s whole (which is rare except at Thanksgiving) or frozen in a roll, I’m sure you know what I mean. :/

    • We had the big Renaissance Festival in Minneapolis – I think that is where it all started. I remember Penn & Teller when they were still street performers lol Obviously, I haven’t been in years and I’m told it’s gotten very commercial…. Too bad It was fun in the early days.
      Here, turkey is very popular, but always in cutlets or wings or legs,… Never ground and only whole birds at Christmas – and then very expensive.