Hot and Sweet Grilled Pork Chops; the state of the garden — 4 Comments

  1. I love tomato/miracle whip sammies. I would eat them all day long. I always wonder about the people who say they can’t stand miracle whip and yet, they doctor their plain mayo until it’s got all the same ingredients as the miracle whip and then rave about how good their mayo is.

    I went out to the garden today. All of my 500+ (it seems like) green tomatoes decided to turn red. Last night. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, I can tell. And I’m still getting cukes by the dozens. I’ve had them squoze, sour creamed, sliced, saladed, given them away, thought about leaving them in open cars…holy crow.

    Right now, my kitchen looks pretty much like yours…

    • I have to settle for mayonnaise lol. But I’m enjoying every bite. I actually asked the hubs to bring the wheelbarrow for 1 picking of the tomatoes. All at once. And today there were 2
      Lots more green ones, tho lol

  2. Wow!! Look at all those stunningly beautiful tomatoes!! I am suitably envious.

    We recently made a new (for us) Catalan dish that contained a Picada, which calls for tomato and garlic (some sources say it’s a Sofregit that contains the tomato…) . The sauce didn’t look all that amazing, but the flavour: It. Was. Fabulous.

    We decided to make it after re-reading “Collective Wisdom” by Lisa Abend in one of our back-issues of SAVEUR: no.106 (November 2007). How I wish that magazine was as good now as it was then!

    • Catalan food is not often pretty – because it’s mainly peasant food. It is, however, usually delicious. Andorra (where we lived for 7 years) was very much influenced by Catalonia. Catalan was the official language.
      My Saveur print issue is now finisher. At $50,00 US for 4 issues I finally said Non!. Although the last issue was really quite good. Kindle, I think