Pantry Pasta Salad; another heat wave — 2 Comments

  1. I think our three days of summer ended last week. 😉 It’s 70 here now, at 6pm, but the humidity is under 50% which always makes for a cooler feel. Plus, we’re up on a hill where the wind (breeze?) is relentless so that also helps to cool us. But we did have our share of hot days.

    I find the older I get, the more I simply have to look at food and I gain weight. *sigh* And I love pasta. I really do. And potatoes. And rice. And all those things I only have to smell to gain 5 pounds…

    • I few years ago I stopped putting milk in my coffee & tea. Amazingly that amounted to almost 2 quarts a week. That allowed me to start eating potatoes / pasta / rice on most days. I had stopped when I lost weight a few years earlier.
      It took me awhile to adjust to black coffee but it was worth it lol