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Salade Niçoise; jack-in-the-pulpit — 9 Comments

  1. I have no dappled shade here to grow them, but at our last house, we backed to a nature preserve and the Jack In The Pulpit, along with the MayApples and Trillium as well as a few other wildflowers were beyond abundant. They completely carpeted the floor of the preserve. It was wonderful And yes, they’re protected here as well. I think they’re beautiful.

    I’ve never done potatoes or green beans in this salad, but this looks really good! I’ll definitely have to try this. Usually when I mix green beans and potatoes, it’s to satisfy hubs’s craving for his mother’s side dish. Hot green beans mixed with hot potatoes, butter and a little onion. So this will be a nice change 🙂

    • I had hot green beans to hot German Potato Salad – and bacon, of course. Must make that if I ever get some green beans. Everything is so late this year in my garden.

  2. Who told you the wild arum was protected? I’ve checked both Tela Botanica and INPN and neither lists Arum italicum as protected anywhere in France. Not that I’m advocating wholesale destruction of the plant, but it is not currently at risk and in need of protection.

  3. daysontheclaise, that’s not an arum. It’s an Arisaema triphylum and in many areas, due to herbicides and other problems, they’ve become a protected species. It’s also poisonous.

    • The plant in Katie’s picture is Arum italicum, abundant and native all over France in the wild. Arisaema triphylum is native to North America. I’ve never seen one in real life, but to be honest, the pictures on the internet of it don’t look similar enough for the two plants to be easily mistaken…If A. triphylum occurs in France in the wild then it would be considered an alien, and definitely not protected.

      • I just enjoy all the flowers, wild or otherwise. I don’t plant any as I only intentionally grow food so I just look and appreciate and don’t destroy 😉