Three New Restaurant Trends You can Try at Home — 6 Comments

  1. No, no and no. Unless there is a medical reason for the CBD, I won’t be doing that. The thought of seaweed doesn’t bother me, I just don’t like it. I’ve tried it. As far as the plant based stuff goes, Burger King has introduced the Impossible Burger Whopper. Impossible burgers are plant based but they can’t be considered vegan or vegetarian due to the fact that the plant based ‘heme’ they use is tested on animals. Which makes me ask what the reasoning is then for making something plant based if you’re still using animals in some way. And if you’re vegetarian and want something that “resembles a beef hamburger in every way” according to Impossible, why are you a vegetarian?

    Sorry, the whole thing is just a ridiculous premise to me and is being eaten by fakes…

    • One of the new students in my French class is vegan. It’s interesting hearing about the challenges it involves living in farm country France. Not a lot of options here. And CBD is not available… Even seaweed would be hard to find so far inland. We are very ‘local’ lol
      My hubs 1st wife was vegetarian for years. Her doc finally told her she needed more protein and she should start eating meat. First thing she had was a pepperoni pizza lol

  2. I agree with nightsmusic, except for the seaweed. I actually like the seaweed salad offered here in SoCal. As for fast-food establishments, I generally stay away from them because they are grossly unhealthy. I recently read an article on the plant-based burger craze and what’s actually in those “burgers” and wouldn’t touch them. Having said that, I have purchased frozen veggie burgers for an occasional vegetarian meal. The key is to read the nutrition facts and ingredients labels. Dr. Praeger’s is a good brand, as well as Don Lee Farms’ Organic Chipotle Black Bean Burger.

    • I’ve never tried any of them. Not readily available here. As to fast food – I love the occasional trip to McDo’s – once a year or so, but suffer afterwords lol